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Str. Zaharia Boiu 12-16,

545400 Sighișoara, Romania


Mandala Yoga Center - Free your Soul


We would like to invite you to attend a Yoga Class,

in our wonderful and spacious location. 


Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonization system for our body, mind and spirit.
 Yoga classes are designed to achieve a state of relaxation, calm, but also to feel more energized and balanced.
The style practiced is Hatha Yoga, Hatha meaning "full of strength". Ha signifies the Sun, and Tha signifies the Moon, Hatha Yoga being a path to balance.
Throughout a yoga class you will experience meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques and asanas (postures) which, through a certain alignment of the body, are meant to open energy meridians so that energy flows freely through the body.
Mandala Yoga Center

During the 90 minutes of the yoga session, you will have the opportunity to connect with yourself, with your breath, with your body and with the Present Moment.
Yoga classes are meant for all those who want to combine relaxation with movement and nourish their soul.
There is no need for previous training or fitness; there is no age limit. The classes are also suitable for beginners."  "Mandala Yoga Center"


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